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double equals(==) vs triple equals(===)

The triple equal(===) operator will compare both the value and type of the operands. If the value is the same but the type is not, the equality will evaluate to false. On the other hand the double equal(==) checks the value only.

for example:

console.log(2 === "2") // will evaluate to 'false' as the left operand is of type 'number' while right operand is of type 'string'console.log(2 == "2") // will evaluate to 'true'

Truthy and Falsy values

In JavaScript, there are some reserved values which are always true or false. Truthy are expressions…


React is a JavaScript library for building fast and interactive user interfaces(UI) for web. Currently its the most popular, demanding and beginner friendly JavaScript library for making UI. If you want to expand your job opportunity as front-end developer you should have react on your resume. Today we’ll discuss some of the fundamentals of React.


The heart of all react applications are components. A component is essentially a piece of the user interface. When building applications with react we build a group of independent and reusable components and combine them to build complex user interfaces.

Every react application has at…

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Despite of knowing some fundamental things of JavaScript, we also have to know some coding styles. Today we are discussing about that

1) Curly Braces

In the case of loops or conditionals where curly braces are used, we should use the the opening brace on the same line as the corresponding keyword. Its not ideal to use it on the next line. The finishing brace should be used on the line after next line. There should also be a white space before opening brace

2) Line Length

Its very disturbing to read a lengthy line. So at a reasonable position we should split them. …

JavaScript is one of the most popular programing languages for web development. For becoming a JavaScript Developer we have to know some of these following fundamental concepts like string, number and array. Today I’ll discuss about some of the methods of these concepts

String: The String object is used to represent and manipulate a sequence of characters.

1. str.length()

This method counts all the characters of a string (including white space)

2. str.toUpperCase()

This method converts all the lower case letters of the string to upper case. Like if you write “I Love JavaScript Programming” , the method will convert it to “I LOVE JAVASCRIPT PROGRAMMING”

3. str.includes()

includes() is a case sensitive function…

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